Our people have completed 4×4 Advanced Driver Courses, 4WD Winch Recovery Course and GPS Course. Unlike other 4WD recovery providers, we offer professional and accredited service to help locate and recover vehicles in the most difficult of circumstances.

Reidy Recovery have the ability to repair on the spot to get the vehicle back to town. We are equipped with necessary tools and some parts to get the vehicle moving we also have a mechanic by trade on the team to ensure a smooth recovery.

We already carry out jobs for industry and government organisations such as insurance companies, Police, DSE, ParksVic, Railways, Telstra, and gas and electricity utilities.

We proudly service the Victorian Alpine area but still make trips to New South Wales and Victoria’s west when called upon.

We recover vehicles that have been stolen, dumped, burnt out, submerged, bogged, rolled over, or stuck in tricky situations where a normal tow truck is unable to get into and 4WD’s are a better option. In a lot of jobs we usually require two or three 4WD recovery vehicles that are specially equipped with front and rear winches, lower diff gears, diff locks, crawler gears in transfer cases.
On board we have an air compressor and a welder, plus a lot of recovery and repair equipment. Overall we have five 4WD recovery vehicles, a tilt tray or two, and a couple of big 4WD tractors on standby 24/7 ready to go.

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Not all roadside assistance companies can help you in difficult off-road recovery – even if you’re just bogged. These jobs require specialised vehicles and experienced off-road professionals that can do the job correctly and safely. If you’re a off-road 4WD drive enthusiast, it pays to keep our number handy.


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